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8 months ago

OGHS Administration

Helen Price                   Head Principal 


Administrative Assistant: Cara Slusher

 Keith Bounds
 12th Grade Discipline                                                                     
 Email:                                            Administrative Assistant:    
Donna Dabbs

Larry Ainsworth

11th Grade Discipline


Administrative Assistant:     

Hope Gustafson

 James Gardner

10th Grade Discipline


Administrative Assistant: 

Susan Church

Cynthia Venson

9th Grade Discipline


Administrative Assistant: 

Pam Anderson

Michelle Sisson

Lead Teacher / Intervention Specialist


Contact Information

10 months ago

Oak Grove High School

5198 Old Hwy 11

Hattiesburg, Ms 39402 

Main Office: 601.264.7232

Main Office Fax: 601.264.0160

Counselors' Office: 601.264.3623

Counselors' Office Fax: 601.271.8356

Attendance Office: 601.264.9240

Attendance Office Fax: 601.296.7715

Transportation: 601.264.9633

School Profile

10 months ago

Oak Grove High School offers many opportunities for students to receive a quality education with a variety of experiences that will lead to their personal success.  Oak Grove High School provides a conducive learning environment with high expectations.  Students thrive in a positive school environment in which each individual is valued and accepted.  We have a rigorous curriculum that challenges the whole child.  We are proud of our students and their willingness to attain excellence.  We believe that honesty, sincerity, fairness, and consistency are essential qualities in providing a positive learning environment at Oak Grove High School. 

AP & Accelerated Courses:

OGHS offers Accelerated and Advanced Placement Courses in five subject areas: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. These courses are designated on the student’s transcript as “Acc” and “AP”. End of the year Advanced Placement Exams are optional. 

Class Scheduling:

OGHS uses a 4 x 4 block schedule format. Students attend four classes each day with each class being attended for ninety-three minutes. 


Oak Grove High School is located in the Oak Grove community, just west of Hattiesburg.  OGHS, a part of the Lamar County School District, is a consolidated county school drawing students from Lamar County.  The area’s convenient location, strong school system, high values and easy access to Hattiesburg have made Lamar County one of the most rapidly developing communities in the state. 


Each student at OGHS is assigned a counselor according to the first initial of their last name. The counselors work with students in scheduling classes and aid in finding solutions for excellent academic achievement.

Bell Schedule

10 months ago

8:10 - 8:151st Bell & Tardy
8:15 - 8:30Homeroom
8:30 - 8:36Pass to 1st Block
8:36 - 10:101st Block
10:10 - 10:16Pass to 2nd Block
10:16 - 11:502nd Block 
11:50 - 11:56Pass to 3rd Block
11:56 - 2:003rd Block
(All Lunches 29 minutes) 
Pre-Lunch 11:35 (LCCTE afternoon students and Community-Based Students
1st Lunch 11:50 - 12:23 (Release Time - Main: 12:17 & Oasis 12:18)
2nd Lunch 12:23 - 12:52 (Release Time - Main: 12:46 & Oasis 12:47)
3rd Lunch 12:52 - 1:21 (Release Time - Main: 1:15 & Oasis 1:16)
4th Lunch 1:21 - 1:50 (Release Time - Main: 1:44 & Oasis 1:45) 
2:00 - 2:06Pass to 4th Block
2:06 - 3:404th Block