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over 3 years ago

By Ashley Burdine

Oak Grove High School

Algebra II Syllabus

Ashley Burdine, Room A129

Mission Statement for Lamar County School District:

“to provide a quality education in a safe and healthy learning environment with opportunities for all students to experience success.”

Vision for Lamar County School District:

“Our students will be thriving, productive leaders who make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.”

Policies and Procedures:

  1. The Lamar County School District Secondary School Handbook will be the guidelines for attendance, discipline, and rules within this class. (This includes dress code, cell phones, and tardies!)
  2. There is to be no cell phone use during instructional or testing times. Cell phones will be placed in the pockets on the wall during class. 
  3. An assignment will be given at the beginning of each class period. The assignment is to be started prior to the tardy bell. 
  4. The appropriate materials (pencils, textbook, notebook, and calculator) will be brought to class every day by each student.
  5. Gathering and completing make-up work, regardless of reason, is the responsibility of the student.
  6. Each student will enter the classroom expecting to and prepared for work for the duration of the class period. 
  7. There will be no food consumed during class. 


The grading policy is stated in the Student handbook. Grades will be given for classwork, homework, participation, quizzes, and tests. A comprehensive midterm and final will be given each semester. The grading scale is listed below:

Nine-Weeks Average:

40% major tests

40% daily grades

Homework (checked for completion, assignments graded for correctness, homework quizzes)

Quizzes (will count twice)

20% Exam

It is very important that you keep up with homework throughout the semester!

Remind 101: 

First block--Text @c34kk to 810-10

Second block--Text @bk28k7 to 810-10

Supply List:

3-ring binder

Looseleaf paper

Graph Paper


SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR (TI 30X IIS) Do NOT get a different one!

It is RECOMMENDED that you purchase a TI84 Graphing calculator if you 

are planning to take Algebra 3 in the future

Please donate one four pack of AAA batteries. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My conference block is third block. If you would like to discuss your progress at any time during the year, please have your parent call to set up a conference. You may check your progress in the class at any time on active student. 

I look forward to a successful semester!

Ashley Burdine

Oak Grove High School

601-264-7232 ext 6208


over 3 years ago

Unit 1 Test: Wednesday, September 13