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Lesson Plans: U.S. History

over 2 years ago


Monday: Notes (Populism)

Tuesday: Quiz

Wednesday: Test

Thursday: Progressive Era Anticipation Guide/Muckrakers

Friday: Progressive Era Notes

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Hattiesburg, MS

Welcome to U.S. History!

over 2 years ago

United States History

Sarah Folkes

American Flag ...

This course is state tested by the MS Department of Education and is required for graduation.


·      Respect classmates, teacher, yourself, and the school.

·      Be prepared for class. (Pencils sharpened, notebook, etc.)

·      Participate in class discussions.

·      Be active learners!

*Respect and abide by the classroom cell phone policy. (Check for the sign)

* Be in Dress code

* Follow bathroom policy

* Be in your seat working on the assigned bell work when the bell rings.

* Dispose of trash and replace all borrowed items when you leave the room.

* Respect for personal belongings, the classroom, and its furnishings

* Respect for personal belongings of others [Do NOT touch anything that does not belong to you]


* All students are expected to demonstrate leadership and total compliance with safety standards.

Course Materials:

Three-ring binder (No other coursework should be in this binder. U.S. History ONLY!)

Blue/black ink pens or pencils

Grading Policy:

Major Grades-50%


Daily Grades/Participation-25%

Units of study:

Unit One-Industrialization of the US, Chapters 4-7

Unit Two-Emergence of the Modern US, Chapters 8-10

Unit Three-Prosperity and Depression, Chapters 11-13

Unit Four-WWII and Postwar American, Chapters 14-17

Unit Five-Challenges and Change, Chapters 18-22

Unit Six-Changing and Enduring Issues, Chapters 23 and 24

Make up Policy:

You are responsible for missed assignments.  Always assume we have taken notes and that you immediately need to get those notes from a classmate.  If you cannot get them from a classmate, ask me.  There is no excuse for not getting notes.  If you are absent the day before a test, you are expected to take the test when you return.  Tests are announced well in advance. You have two weeks to make up a major grade. After two weeks the assignment will be recorded as a zero.  

Past Due Work:

Deadlines are expected to be met in a timely and orderly manner.  Any late assignment will result in a (10) ten point deduction for each day that the assignment is late. After three days no late work will be accepted.


Participating in class is essential to succeeding in U.S. History. This score will be documented daily and is based on attendance/tardies, classroom activities and discussions, attentiveness, and behavior.

Honor Code:

Cheating can be defined as “any act of deception that results in gaining or attempting to gain an unfair academic advantage over another, representing another's work as one’s own, or aiding another in such deception.”  There will be times in this class when I encourage students to work with others, and there will be times when students are asked to work individually. Working together when instructed not to is considered cheating.  Cheating is never the right choice.  Anyone caught cheating will receive an automatic zero on the assignment, and the incident will be referred to administration.  Honesty is always the best policy!  See me if you need extra help or have a special circumstance.

Remind 101:  To sign up for reminders, text this message- @folkes19 to 81010


Parents, please visit  on a weekly basis.  This is the best way to stay informed about what is happening in the classroom.  You can access lesson plans and view important dates for tests, projects, daily assignments, etc. Please let me know if you do not have access to the Internet.  Thank you for the opportunity to teach your student.  I am looking forward to a great year!